Rauner Signs Law Requiring Cyber Security Training For Some State Employees
August 8, 2017

“Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner held a public signing Monday in Chicago for a law that requires annual cyber security training for executive branch employees. The new law says all executive branch employees are required to take the annual training starting next year. It says it does not include employees in the legislative and judicial branches or in public universities. […]

Drive for Life Act allows teenagers in Illinois to become donors
August 10, 2017

“A new bill is working to reduce the number of people on the organ and tissue donor waiting list, by allowing teens to become donors. In Illinois, there are 4,700 people on the waiting list every year for a transplant and of those, 300 people die each year waiting for a transplant, according to a […]

Gov. Rauner signs bill to streamline spending, save money
August 9, 2017

“A newly signed bill will look to streamline spending in Illinois. On Wednesday, Gov. Bruce Rauner signed Senate Bill 8 with the hope the move will cut down on red tape for businesses, universities and other groups, saving taxpayers money in the process. A release from the governor’s office says the bipartisan bill will make […]

IL Gov. Bruce Rauner signs executive order to speed up hearing process
August 2, 2017

“On Auust 2, Governor Bruce Rauner signed Executive Order 2017-04 to improve Illinois state government. This action reaffirms Rauner’s admistration’s commitment to transforming administrative law in Illinois. Executive Order 2017-04 leads the Bureau of Administrative Hearings to enforce the Model Rules, which were implemented to reduce the burden by increasing speed in the administrative hearing process. The order directs […]

State still in critical condition
July 23, 2017

“Disaster averted — for now. The decision by Illinois legislators to raise personal and corporate taxes averted a downgrading of the state’s bonds to ‘junk’ status but fell far short of addressing the state’s fiscal problems in any meaningful way. That’s the conclusion of Moody’s Investor Services, which reported last week that the state’s Baa3 […]

Terri Bryant & Dave Severin: We support Rauner’s fix to SB1
July 23, 2017

“We are offering this joint op-ed this week to explain our support for Gov. Bruce Rauner’s plan to fix the current school funding formula bill, Senate Bill 1. SB 1 has passed the House and Senate, but is currently being held back from the governor’s desk because of a procedural maneuver. The purpose of this […]

Senate Democrats should forward school funding bill
July 20, 2017

“With little over a month before the start of a new school year, and despite a new state budget being enacted earlier this month, state funding for public schools is still in question — placing some schools in serious jeopardy of not opening on time. The fiscal 2018 state budget that was recently enacted includes […]

Here’s how the new budget fails Illinois
July 7, 2017

More than two years have passed since the citizens of Illinois sent me to Springfield to challenge the old way of doing business. We knew then that the state was irresponsibly shortchanging our children’s future by our political leaders’ unwillingness to live within our means. It was time to hold elected officials of both parties accountable […]