Over the last four years, the corrupt system in Springfield has been shaken to its core, but it’s time to finish the job. It’s time to come together around a movement that sets aside party politics and achieves real solutions that put our people first.

Bruce Rauner

Governor of Illinois

Our Home. Our Fight.

There’s a lot to be done. But there are a number of powerful things we can achieve together to save our state:

Limit Property Taxes

Illinois homeowners face the highest property taxes in the nation, and too many of our elected officials make money off high property taxes. As part of the Governor’s historic school funding reform law, we included significant mandate relief to give schools more flexibility and reduce costs while making it easier for citizens in certain districts to lower their property taxes.

Next Steps:

We must freeze property taxes and put in place a system that allows local governments to better control costs and easily allow referendums, so citizens can lower their local property taxes and consolidate local units of government at the ballot box.

Create More Good-Paying Jobs

Illinois’ unemployment rate is down and tens of thousands of new jobs have been created since the beginning of 2015. We launched a new job creation program, harnessing powerful partnerships with business leaders while eliminating special deals and holding companies accountable for their promises. We directed state agencies to reduce job-killing red tape and made it easier for small businesses to launch and grow in Illinois. We enacted a groundbreaking Future Energy Jobs Act that saved thousands of jobs and will spur thousands more 21st century jobs while making Illinois a nationally recognized leader in clean and renewable energy production. In addition, we launched a historic technology partnership with our state’s leading research universities. It is the kind of transformative job creating engine we need. But there is more work to do. 

Next Steps:

We will create more jobs by reducing job-killing regulations and red tape. We will fix the broken workers’ compensation system, which is twice as expensive in Illinois as in neighboring states. We will increase education and job training opportunities for Illinois’ workforce.

Enact Term Limits and Clean Government

In 2014, more than 600,000 people signed the petition to put term limits on the statewide ballot, but Mike Madigan and his attorneys kicked it off. But that didn’t stop us from taking on the corrupt culture in state government. We prohibited administration officials from becoming lobbyists immediately after leaving government service. We also ended and rooted out the Rod Blagojevich-Pat Quinn illegal patronage hires.

Next Steps:

It’s time for the people to force their legislators to put term limits on the ballot and demand a statewide up or down vote. To get that done, we’ve introduced a resolution for a constitutional amendment to limit statewide elected officials, including the Governor, to no more than 8 years in office, and to limit state senators and representatives to no more than 10 years in office.

Term limits are an essential step to clean up Springfield, but it’s not the only one. It is past time to clean up Springfield and hold government accountable. We will push legislation to mandate a waiting time for legislators to become lobbyists, prohibit convicted felons from taking a taxpayer-funded pension, mandate public disclosure on legislative earmarks, and require the legislative inspector general position to be filled at all times.

Roll Back the Madigan Income Tax Hike and Require a Truly Balanced Budget

Illinois has been deficit spending for years and hasn’t had a balanced budget in recent memory. Instead, Springfield politicians have used accounting gimmicks to hide the cost of their mismanagement and pass the cost to our children and grandchildren.

In Governor Rauner’s first three months in office, we eliminated an inherited $1.5 billion budget deficit without raising taxes, and we’ve reduced wasteful spending by hundreds of millions of dollars.

We’ve insisted on a balanced budget, in spite of the career politicians in Springfield. After we vetoed Mike Madigan’s unbalanced budget in 2015, the legislature refused to pass another complete budget for two years. Then last summer, Mike Madigan passed another unbalanced budget and an outrageous 32 percent income tax hike over our veto.

Next Steps:

We introduced a plan to rollback the Madigan tax hike and cut taxes by $1 billion for everyone in Illinois. Cutting taxes means more take home pay for families and will help us grow more good jobs.

Keep Families Safe and Rebuild Lives

From hiring more corrections officers to enacting historic criminal justice reform and ending the dangerous practice of early release, we are keeping families safe and rebuilding lives. Since taking office, Illinois has hired over 600 net more corrections officers, and we signed landmark reform legislation that will reduce recidivism and give new opportunity to ex-offenders who had been captured by the streets. And now we’re taking the scourge of opioid addiction head on.

Next Steps:

Last year, we signed an Executive Order creating the Opioid Overdose Prevention and Intervention Task Force. The task force is taking a comprehensive approach to addressing the opioid crisis. The Rauner Administration is committed to reducing opioid-related deaths by at least a third over the next three years through safer prescribing and dispensing of opioids, improved data monitoring, reducing the stigma of addiction and improving treatment and access to care, and increasing access and use of naloxone and other life-saving antidotes.