WTTW: Madigan Offered Deal to Keep Power

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“The veil is being lifted on Mike Madigan’s corrupt machine. Whether it’s removing candidates from the ballot or demanding loyalty in elections, Madigan continues to prioritize preserving his own power over the people of Illinois. And JB Pritzker is just another pawn in Madigan’s game.”

– Rauner Campaign Communications Director Will Allison

Mike Madigan is stooping to new lows to maintain his power and position as Chairman of the Democratic Party of Illinois. According to several candidates running for the Democrats’ State Central Committee, Madigan offered them a deal: vote for Madigan to be party chairman and he won’t actively work against their campaigns.

It’s clear that JB Pritzker took a similar deal from Madigan, especially now that Pritzker’s top two supporters, Senators Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth, are making calls on behalf of ‘progressive’ Mike Madigan.

Take a look at WTTW’s report:

As he deals with the fallout of sexual harassment allegations in his office, House Speaker and Democratic Party Chairman Michael Madigan has indicated he isn’t going anywhere. In fact, his desire to stay in power may be stronger than ever, according to several Democratic political candidates who say he is retaliating against them in their races because they have refused to pledge their support for him.

… “If I pre-pledge my vote to Madigan, then he would not spend money against me in the race,” Wunderly says the intermediaries told her. She declined to name who they were, but says multiple people who knew Madigan but did not know each other reached out to her with the same message. “I decided not to do the deal, because I thought it was unethical to pledge my vote ahead of the election.”

In fact, she says the offer extended to 12 other candidates running for Democratic committeeman and committeewoman who had been endorsed by the pro-Sanders Our Revolution Illinois group. The message was: promise to re-elect Madigan as party chair, and he’ll stay out of your race.

… “He doesn’t care who runs, as long as they vote for him and he keeps his power, especially amid this sexual harassment cover-up,” Wunderly said.

Now, the war’s on. The political committee Friends of Michael J. Madigan has spent tens of thousands in mailers attacking the progressive candidates and urging voters to elect their opponents. In some races, Madigan has used robocalls.