What They’re Saying: Governor Rauner’s Optimistic State of the State Address

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Following the State of the State address, Illinois media highlighted Governor Rauner’s vision of bipartisan unity to grow jobs, cut taxes, and fight corruption.

Take a look at some of the coverage below:

State Journal-RegisterRauner called on lawmakers to pass a law aimed at House Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago, that would prohibit lawmakers from handling cases before property tax appeals boards. Madigan’s law firm handles property tax appeals cases in Chicago.

Rauner renewed his call for lawmakers to let voters decide if term limits should be enacted in the state.

The biggest cheer of the afternoon, however, came when Rauner said he will propose a balanced budget next month that will also outline a way to cut taxes in the future

Reuters: In his state of the state address in the Capitol in Springfield, Rauner said a bipartisan approach is needed for Illinois to win economic prizes like a $5 billion second headquarters project for Amazon.com Inc, which earlier this month named Chicago as one of 20 finalists.

“United, we can create thousands and thousands of jobs, attract billions of dollars in investment and set millions of Illinoisians free to make more, buy more, build more,” Rauner said.

Crain’s: Gov. Bruce Rauner today delivered a largely pro-business State of the State speech intended to frame the debate this election year, urging lawmakers to be “laser-like” in focusing on the state’s economy.

…”Eighty percent of the state’s workers want term limits,” Rauner declared. “The other 20 percent, it seems, are seated in this chamber and in elected Illinois courts.”

On property taxes, Rauner called for passage of legislation to allow voters by referendum to not just raise but cut tax rates.

Rauner declared property taxes “a vicious form of oppression. The system traps people in their homes, vaporizes their equity, drives mortgages under water and, in some cases, pushes people out of our state. It’s time to put a stop to the corruption.”

WQAD: Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner, (R) Illinois, got his biggest reaction during the State of the State address by renewing a call for a balanced budget proposal.

“I hope this year that you guys will pass it instead of ignoring it,” he said on Wednesday, January 31.

The governor wants to bring Illinois back with better schools and jobs. He wants to halt advancing taxes and stop spending money the state doesn’t have.

“Get our pensions under control, and give power back to the people of Illinois,” he said.

Chicago Sun-Times: Rauner’s speech began with a lengthy listing of state accomplishments. “Our history is rich,” he said.

“Today, we have an opportunity to turn yesterday into tomorrow, and make Illinois the powerhouse job creator it should be,” the governor said.

He spoke of collaboration in the state and Chicago’s bid for Amazon’s second headquarters. But noted it must be done on a bipartisan level.

“This is not a prize one wins alone. It takes a collaborative effort, a forget-about-the-politics-and-roll-up-our-sleeves kind of approach. It requires a laser-like focus on economic development and job creation and a bipartisan dedication to restore public trust,” Rauner said to applause from Republicans.

Rauner said he planned to sign an executive order on Tuesday to strengthen policies of reporting acts of sexual misconduct. The governor’s action came as legislators and government employees wore black in support of a #timesup movement.