The State Journal-Register Endorses Bruce Rauner

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Governor Bruce Rauner picked up yet another endorsement over the weekend, this time from Springfield’s The State Journal-Register. They praised the governor’s willingness to challenge the broken, corrupt status quo and touted his reform agenda that would “set Illinois on a better path.”

See highlights below and click here to read the full endorsement.

Since he took office in January 2015, Bruce Rauner has consistently held firm in his belief that the status quo of how politics is conducted in Illinois is what has held it back economically.

He has accurately advocated for the changes Illinois needs to make to create a robust business climate: Overhaul the state’s tax code, consider additional workers’ compensation reforms, lower property taxes, implement business-friendly regulatory changes and make state government more efficient. 

… Rauner knows that House Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago (who also is chairman of the Illinois Democratic Party), has amassed more political power than one person should rightly have. And that has created a political system that has been good only for the speaker and a few of his friends, and disastrous for the rest of Illinois.

…Yet he’s had promising successes too. There have been several good criminal justice reforms, like allowing offenders to train and test for professional licenses while in prison, and steps to reduce recidivism. His administration helped launch the Illinois Innovation Network and the Discovery Partners Institute, led by the University of Illinois to link research with entrepreneurship. He’s won school choice options for underprivileged kids. He has operated as a governor looking out for taxpayers while fighting for term limits to try to erode the ability to amass power like Madigan has done. 

…His strategies may have yet to bear fruit, but many of his ideas would, if implemented, set Illinois on a better path. He’s raised awareness of the problems the state faces to the point where more people realize it’s time to change the way politics has traditionally been done in Illinois. Rauner gets the endorsement.