What They Are Saying: Coverage Continues of Governor Rauner’s Public Safety Proposals

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Yesterday, Governor Rauner announced a package of public safety proposals to help protect Illinois communities. Check out what elected officials and state and national media are saying about the governor’s plan:

  • Fox News:Gov. Bruce Rauner proposed Monday reestablishing the death penalty in Illinois for certain violent criminals.Under Rauner’s proposal, people who are found “guilty beyond any doubt” of killing multiple people or a police officer could be sentenced to death. During a news conference, the Republican governor said people who kill a police officer “deserve to give up their life,” the Chicago Sun-Times reported.
  • Sen. Bill Brady:
    “The Governor’s action today recognizes the need for a multi-pronged approach to dealing with deadly assaults. As part of that, those who choose to murder innocent victims in mass attacks or kill law enforcement officers should know they face the severest of sentences.”
  • Leader Jim Durkin:
    “Reinstating society’s most serious penalty for the most serious of violent crimes, with the proper safeguards, is an appropriate response to the horrific violence we have witnessed far too often in recent times.”
  • Crain’s Chicago Business:
    And in a move that could get praise from all sides — and some criticism — both judges and prosecutors would have to say in public why they agreed to plea-bargaining that reduced charges in cases involving use of a firearm in a crime.
  • The Southern:
    Rauner’s proposed changes create a new category of homicide called death penalty murder. It would apply to people 18 and older who are charged with killing police officers or two or more people.
  • Washington Post:
    Rauner on Monday alluded to the concerns his predecessors had regarding innocent people being sentenced to death at trial. His office said defendants in death penalty cases would have to be convicted by juries “beyond all doubt,” rather than the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard more commonly seen in criminal trials. In his announcement, Rauner pointed to times he said people were “caught in the act” or there are “multiple witnesses and they’re fleeing the act.”
  • WAND:
    Gov. Rauner proposes death penalty for mass murderers, cop killers.
  • Associated Press:
    The Republican approved the waiting period but used amendatory veto authority to add other measures. They include restoration of capital punishment in heinous crimes. Illinois abolished the death penalty in 2011.
    Rauner also added a ban on bump stocks that speed up rifle firing rates and authorization for officials to take weapons from dangerous individuals.
  • WTTW:
    Gov. Bruce Rauner on Monday used an unconventional method to announce a sweeping public safety plan that would reinstate the death penalty in Illinois. Rauner says the “worst of the worst” – a group he referred to as “mass murderers and cop killers” – “deserve to have their lives taken.
  • WJBC:
    “This is a comprehensive package. It is a thoughtful package. It is good policy,” Rauner said. “Everyone of these six points will significantly improve the safety of the people of Illinois.”