Rauner Campaign Launches New Digital Video: “Turning Up The Heat”

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Today, the Rauner campaign is launching a new digital video titled “Turning Up The Heat.”

CLICK HERE to watch the ad.

JB Pritzker claims to support unions and boasts of their endorsements, but his history with workers stands in stark contrast to his words. Currently, union workers are striking at the Hyatt Hotels owned by the Pritzker family and employees of a Pritzker-owned business are accusing of him of union-busting.

Back in 2011, when workers at the Pritzker family’s hotel chain went on strike in the middle of the summer, the hotel turned the winter heat lamps on. This video focuses on the strike, the Pritzker’s use of heats lamps, and features one worker saying, “If the heat didn’t kill us, the heat lamps would.”

JB Pritzker talks a big game, but Illinois workers can’t trust him.



JB Pritzker says he’ll fight for unions.

Pritzker: “It’s why I believe so strongly that we have to stand up for our labor unions in the state.”

But when workers went on strike at the Pritzker family hotel chain, they turned on the heat. In the heat of the summer, they turned heat lamps on workers.

Hyatt Hotel Worker: “They put the heat lamps on us like we were nothing. If the heat didn’t kill us the heat lamps would.”

JB Pritzker says one thing, but his record shows another. Illinois workers can’t trust him.


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