Pritzker’s taxes raise more questions than answers

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Pritzker continues to take advantage of off shore trusts, hides from Illinois voters.

Pritzker continues to say one thing to Illinois voters while doing something completely different.

After seven months of delaying release of his tax returns, Pritzker finally released the first two pages containing information on his income.

Though he has often toted his ‘transparency,’ Pritzker refused to release even the names of the private trusts from which he draws the majority of his income.

His hypocrisy is stunning, but is just yet another example of this continued behavior. Just last week it was revealed that his investments directly contradict statements he provided to the Sierra Club at a candidates environmental forum.

Meanwhile, Bruce Rauner has fought for working families in Illinois. Governor Rauner is leading the fight against Madigan’s corrupt system with a reform plan that includes term limits, rolling back the Madigan income tax hike, and provide real and lasting property tax relief. Madigan has built a corrupt system over 40 years, and Governor Rauner is fighting to give power back to the people.

While Pritzker continues to deceive the people of Illinois, Governor Rauner works incessantly on their behalf.