The Pritzker Ploy: Raising Your Taxes Every Mile You Drive

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In January, JB Pritzker told the Daily Herald that a Vehicle Miles Traveled tax is an idea worth exploring, advocating for a tax increase on the millions of Illinoisans who drive to work everyday or utilize a vehicle for their job.

A Vehicle Mileage Tax would place a monitor in registered vehicles in the state of Illinois and track mileage traveled. Fellow Democrats like State Sen. Daniel Biss oppose the measure as “a serious violation of privacy.”

Just another example of how JB Pritzker’s plan for Illinois is more of the same: higher taxes and more corruption.

Check out the coverage below:


A VMT may sound familiar. A proposal in the Senate back in 2016 would have given drivers the choice between installing a device to track their mileage or pay a 1.5-cent-per-mile tax on a base 30,000 miles traveled per year. That measure was quickly shot down.

At just over $0.30 per gallon, Illinois state gas tax is already higher than neighboring states like Missouri, Kentucky, and Indiana.

The Daily Herald

Charging gas taxes based on how many miles people drive instead of how much fuel they burn could pump up revenues to help fix Illinois’ roads and bridges, Democratic candidate for governor J.B. Pritzker told the Daily Herald editorial board.

Called a vehicle miles traveled or VMT tax, it’s an idea worth exploring, the billionaire Hyatt hotel heir said in a Thursday interview where he also pushed for a graduated income tax, but gave few specifics.