Madigan Monday: March Madigan-ness

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With March Madness upon us, the Rauner campaign made its own bracket featuring Mike Madigan’s “top” headlines of the year. Which one will win the title of “Best Madigan Headline of 2017-2018?”



  1. Why 2018 Might be Madigan’s Last Hurrah“Four of the five Democratic candidates for governor are openly attacking Madigan. Unheard of.The fifth candidate, billionaire J. B. Pritzker, has, glaringly, refused to join in, or even mention Madigan. If elected, he will be seen as Madigan’s lackey.”
  2. Progressive Democrats: Madigan Offered Deal To Keep Power
    “In fact, his desire to stay in power may be stronger than ever, according to several Democratic political candidates who say he is retaliating against them in their races because they have refused to pledge their support for him.”
  3. ‘Velvet Hammer’ Mike Madigan Getting Nailed – By More and More Fellow Democrats
    “The fact that Madigan has chosen the attorney deemed “independent” is raising some eyebrows. …The process is highlighting the many ties the country’s longest-serving state House speaker has to everyone from lobbyists to lawyers to legislators.”
  4. Another Problem for Boss Madigan – Bob Rita
    “Years ago, Rita was accused of beating a former girlfriend. He was acquitted in a criminal trial, but a judge at least temporarily granted a request by prosecutors to extend a protection order against Rita.”
  5. Another High-Ranking Madigan Aide Dismissed over Allegations of Misconduct
    “Decremer has been a Madigan supervisor on numerous political campaigns, overseeing campaign workers embedded in various races across the state. He is also known for his work as a an expert in the petition process.”
  6. For How Much Longer Will the Velvet Hammer Rule Illinois?
    “Few state representatives or aldermen are openly criticising a man nicknamed the “Velvet Hammer”. In 2013 his daughter, who is the state’s attorney-general, pulled the plug on a run for governor because her father was not ready to stand down. Mr Madigan is the longest-serving—and possibly most powerful—Speaker of any state assembly. And, at 75, he shows no sign of wishing to retire.”
  7. Illinois Democrats: Tell Madigan to Step Aside
    “He’s the longest-serving speaker of the house in the country, and since 1998, has been chairman of the Illinois Democratic Party. He controls everything from what legislation is heard to which candidates get funded. Madigan rules with an iron fist, and woe to the person who crosses him.”
  8. Madigan Flunks the #MeToo Test
    “Madigan made a commitment to end harassment and protect women. His resolve was tested almost immediately. He failed.”