Madigan Monday: Will JB Pritzker Support Madigan’s Reelection as Head of Democratic Party?

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“Pritzker’s silence on Mike Madigan’s decades of tax hikes has been deafening. We shouldn’t be surprised though after Pritzker himself has advocated for raising the tax rate and stripping scholarships from the students who need them most. Madigan and Pritzker are two sides of the same coin: higher taxes and more corruption.” – Rauner Campaign Spokesman Alex Browning

With the election for head of the Democratic Party of Illinois coming up, Mike Madigan’s handpicked candidate for governor JB Pritzker has been notably silent on Madigan.

Despite repeated calls from Democrats that Madigan step down as head of the party, JB Pritzker refused to take a position, including one press conference when Pritzker took more than 5 minutes to admit Madigan’s office took too long in investigating allegations of sexual harassment.

After a week of Pritzker calling for higher taxes and less opportunity for Illinois’ low-income students, will he endorse his tax hiking political patron for the head of the Democratic Party?