Madigan Monday: Pritzker Follows Madigan’s Budget Philosophy of Fiscal Irresponsibility and Tax Hikes

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For decades, Mike Madigan has pushed an agenda of unsustainable spending and high taxes. It’s why Illinois faces the nation’s worst pension crisis, has had unbalanced budgets, and tax hikes that have hurt economic growth. Reuters has called him “the man behind the fiscal fiasco in Illinois,” and the “constant in key decisions that created that mess.”

As Madigan’s handpicked candidate for Governor, JB Pritzker is following that same philosphy. He’s advocating for even more new spending and is calling for yet another income tax hike on Illinois families.

Governor Rauner knows we can’t tax and spend our way to prosperity. During budget negotiations last week, he said“No new taxes, truly balanced budget and for a full year. … We should not let politics or elections get in the way of doing the right thing for the people of Illinois.”

Madigan has hurt Illinois for far too long with fiscal irresponsibility and tax hikes, and he’s found a perfect partner in Pritzker. But Governor Rauner has said enough is enough and he’s standing up for Illinois taxpayers who can no longer afford Madigan and Pritzker’s agenda.