Madigan Monday: Madigan’s Tenure as Speaker Approaching Lifespan of Casimir Pulaski

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Casimir Pulaski, famed Polish commander of the Continental Army, died at age 34 after being wounded in a charge against British forces during the Battle of Savannah. He had lived a total of 12,626 days (March 6, 1745 – October 11, 1779).

Mike Madigan was first elected in 1971 and became Speaker of the House in 1983. Since then, he has become theĀ longest serving State House Speaker in U.S. history, eclipsing Solomon Blatt’s record of 11,893 days this past August. As it stands, Madigan has been Speaker for 12,108 days, and if he has his way, his tenure will eclipse Pulaski’s lifespan in his next term.