Madigan Monday: The Audacity of Mike Madigan

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During Governor Rauner’s State of the State address, Mike Madigan’s corruption was on full display.

As Governor Rauner was explaining the need for term limits, supported by 80% of Illinoisans, he quipped that the remaining 20% must be in the chamber. The remark was not only met with laughter from elected officials in the audience, but also a telling nod from the Speaker of the House.

Click HERE to see the clip.

Madigan’s nod shows he is more interested in maintaining his hold on power than in doing what’s right for the people of Illinois. He knows that a vast majority of Illinoisans want term limits, but he doesn’t care — because term limits would put an end to his 47-year political career.

The Madigan Machine is not hiding in the background, it’s out in the open for the people to see.