Lt. Gov. Sanguinetti Recalls Personal Story, Fights for Student Scholarship Program

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This morning, Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti spoke with WGN’s Steve Cochran and Andrea Darlas to fight for the “Invest in Kids” scholarship tax credit program that will soon provide educational opportunity for low-income students across Illinois.

JB Pritzker threatened to eliminate the program at two press conferences this week, and Sanguinetti recalled her own personal story of benefiting from educational choice and how it saved her life.

See highlights below and listen to the full interview here.

“I’m one of those kids that was raised in a very poor community and failed the first grade and it was an educational opportunity in high school that saved my life. And for this man to get out there and say that that opportunity is not going to be available for kids in under-served communities is just astonishing to me. And I think it’s a sign of what you should expect to come from somebody like Pritzker.”

“It’s been with Bruce Rauner that we finally have an equitable funding formula for kids in all one hundred and two counties. It’s been Bruce Rauner that’s given the most money for education funding and it’s been surrounded or that has offered this bipartisan scholarship program. So, I just ask the public to please tread with caution to please do their reading. Because Pritzker is very dangerous.”

“Representative LaShawn Ford who is on the other side of the aisle, but he was one of the people that said that this bipartisan scholarship program is good for his community because it gives children access and opportunity and that’s what it’s all about. It’s not about Republicans. It’s not about Democrats. It’s about giving our children in Illinois access and opportunity so that we could all have a playing field that is equitable for all of us.”

“I’ve been there I’ve been in under-served classrooms where we didn’t have that sort of access and opportunity. And let me tell you it’s devastating, and these children should not feel like their children of a Lesser of God because that access and that opportunity is not available to them. So please, do your homework tread with caution because education should not be in the middle of all of this for Pritzker to kill.”