Lt. Gov. Sanguinetti Op-Ed in The Herald-News: Choice of Schools Important for Illinois Families

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As Illinois students head back to school, The Herald-News published an op-ed from Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti on access to quality education.  Sanguinetti shared her personal story, demonstrating the difference a quality education can make. She and Governor Rauner are committed to giving more students the opportunity to overcome their circumstances, while JB Pritzker has vowed to tear those opportunities away.

CLICK HERE to read the Lt. Governor’s op-ed:

For a family of very little means, paying for my education was not an option. But I found a program that granted me the opportunity to attend a magnet high school in Miami and receive my first two years of college for free. Through this program, I was given the access to a transformative education that empowered me to unlock a brighter future – the chance to be the first Latina lieutenant governor in United States history.

…The transformative, bipartisan education reform signed into law by Gov. Rauner also created the “Invest in Kids” tax scholarship program. Students can apply for scholarships that grant them the opportunity to attend the private school of their choice. 

This program provides low-income students and families the ability to choose the educational opportunities best suited to them without using taxpayer dollars. But JB Pritzker has said he would eliminate the program if elected. When a reporter followed up on his heartless vow to do away with the program by asking “immediately?” Pritzker responded flippantly, “Yep.”

Pritzker showed exactly how much thought he has given to the families that rely on programs like this to provide a better future for their children. 

I can’t help but think of what my life would look like if access and opportunity were taken away from me in Florida when I was a girl, as JB Pritzker wants to do here. Gov. Rauner believes all students should have access to a quality education, regardless of where they live or how much money their parents make.

The “Invest in Kids” Tax Credit Scholarship Program gives more students the access to quality educational opportunities that set them up for success in life. Mr. Pritzker would tear those opportunities away. Illinois students deserve better than that.