The Key Questions for Pritzker to Answer on His “Scheme to Defraud”

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Today, Governor Rauner and JB Pritzker will meet with the Chicago Sun-Times editorial board. Just a week after the Chicago Sun-Times reported on an independent Inspector General report in which Pritzker’s “scheme to defraud” Illinois taxpayers was uncovered, Pritzker has yet to provide a substantive answer for the Inspector General’s conclusion.

Pritzker has been hounded with questions about the “scheme to defraud” ever since, including a press conference in which he couldn’t point to anything wrong with the report, as reported by Capitol Fax.

Here are the key questions Pritzker has yet to answer:

What exact mistakes does Pritzker think are in the IG report?

How was the report ‘taken out of context’ as Pritzker claims?

Why did Pritzker lie on his affidavits?

If Pritzker actually did follow the rules, then why is he giving the money back?

Would Pritzker have repaid the money if he hadn’t been caught?