What is JB Pritzker Hiding?

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On Friday, the Chicago Tribune published an editorial highlighting Pritzker’s refusal to take part in a joint editorial board between him and Governor Rauner. This is not the first joint appearance that Prtizker has refused. In fact, he has refused to appear on stage with Governor Rauner in cities across Illinois, depriving voters of an opportunity to see the two outline their visions for the future of the state.

Check out what the Chicago Tribune had to say:

So what is Pritzker worried about? Maybe he thinks we’ll ask about the Tribune’s reporting on those embarrassing FBI recordings from 2008. Pritzker was hustling an appointment to statewide office from a corrupt Rod Blagojevich. As the two discussed which Democrat to stuff into which major office — no voters need participate — Pritzker evaluated black Illinois politicians from the “least offensive” to the “crass.”

Or maybe Pritzker is nervous about the Tribune investigation that found several offshore shell companies either wholly owned by J.B. Pritzker, his brother and business partner Anthony Pritzker, or that list other close associates as controlling executives. Recall that in March, after Pritzker’s campaign wouldn’t respond to inquiries about his finances, the Tribune sought out Pritzker at a campaign event at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He quickly summoned a campaign press aide to run interference and declined to discuss his offshore dealings.

…And Pritzker? No candidate owes us anything, and we want it no other way. Each candidate for governor does, though, owe candor and honesty to the people of Illinois.

The Chicago Sun-Times previously reported on Pritzker’s unwillingness to stand on stage with Governor Rauner and answer the hard questions.

But the Rauner campaign tells the Sun-Times the Pritzker campaign declined participation in three other debates: one sponsored by Politico/WBEZ, another in southern Illinois’ Metro East area and a third before the Daily Herald’s editorial board. The Rauner campaign also said the Pritzker campaign has been unresponsive or hasn’t yet discussed a date for six other proposed debates.

Illinois media and voters have taken notice, criticizing Pritzker not only for ducking debates, but also for his refusal to answer hard questions from the media.

As Governor Rauner has said, Pritzker can’t tell the truth because the truth is so bad for him. Instead, Pritzker has made it clear that he is unwilling to answer the hard questions about his tax hike agenda and corrupt connections to Mike Madigan and Rod Blagojevich.