ICYMI: Gov. Rauner Held Pritzker Accountable For His Tax Dodging And Dodging Questions

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Last night, Governor Rauner held JB Pritzker accountable for his inability to answer important questions to Illinois voters. He challenged Pritzker on how high he would raise taxes and why he defrauded Illinois taxpayers out of more than $330,000.

Take a look at some of the coverage:

  • Decatur Herald & Review:
    Pritzker, the heir to the Hyatt hotel fortune, said he followed the rules in his family’s renovation of a mansion it owns and did not mislead tax authorities by pulling toilets so the home could be declared technically uninhabitable. The declaration saved Pritzker $330,000 in property tax breaks, which he announced he would repay by the end of this week after the fraud allegation was made in a report by the Cook County inspector general.

    …Rauner continued pressing Pritzker on his plan to replace the state’s flat-rate income tax with a graduated plan, making wealthier taxpayers pay more. When Pritzker was asked how a Peoria public school teacher making $51,000 would fare under his plan, he said the teacher should get a tax break. And Rauner pounced.
    “He won’t answer because he knows the middle class is going to get crushed,” Rauner said.

    Rauner has labeled it a plan to raise taxes statewide and claims that Pritzker and powerful House Speaker Michael Madigan, the Chicago Democrat who has served as foil to Rauner’s conservative agenda since 2015, have a plan to increase spending by $11 billion. That would be an increase in state spending of nearly 30 percent.

  • Chicago Sun-Times:
    [Rauner] said Pritzker’s graduated income tax plan will “crush the middle class, crush job creators.”

    “They will flood out and the sound of that flood will not be the sound of toilets being flushed, it’ll be the sound of businesses getting flushed down the drain in this state of Illinois,” Rauner said. “We need to cut the taxes, reform our state government and reduce the regulatory burden on our businesses and end the corruption that Mr. Pritzker is part of.”

    One of the debate’s moderators, Bobby Oler of HOI in Peoria, said he has seen Pritzker “put the tap dancing shoes on” for questions about his proposed graduated income tax. Oler asked the Democrat what a teacher in Peoria, who makes an average of $51,480, would pay in income taxes under his plan.

    Pritzker said the teacher “ought to get a tax break,” without providing specifics.

    “He’s not answering your question,” Rauner said.

  • Associated Press:
    Democratic candidate for governor J.B. Pritzker wouldn’t give details about his graduated income-tax plan in the final televised debate with Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner.

    …Pritzker was asked how a Peoria public school teacher would fare under his plan. He says the teacher should get a “tax break.”
    Rauner says Pritzker wouldn’t provide details “because he knows the middle class is going to get crushed.”

    Pritzker said after the debate he won’t discuss specifics because the plan would have to be negotiated with the Legislature if he becomes governor.

  • ABC Chicago:
    Pritzker also took heat for his continued refusal to be specific about rates for his graduated income tax plan.

    “Why not give a rate? We didn’t get a rate in the first forum, we didn’t get a rate in the ABC7 debate, this is your chance tonight, in the last debate, can you give us a rate?” the moderator asked.

    “Well let me tell you this, we want to make sure we’re negotiating it with the people in the legislature,” Prtizker answered.

    “Mr. Pritzker dodges questions like he dodges his taxes,” Rauner countered.