Governor Rauner Slams Pritzker’s “Scheme to Defraud” at Chicago Business Stop

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Today, Governor Rauner visited Midco International in Chicago and slammed Pritzker’s “scheme to defraud” Illinois taxpayers.

Take a look at highlights from the governor’s remarks below:

“The Cook County Inspector General investigated what [Pritzker] did with his mansion down on the Gold Coast where he cheated on his taxes. He bought a mansion, didn’t want to have to pay the property taxes on it, so he removed the toilets and said ‘nobody could live in this house there’s no way to go to the bathroom, so it’s worthless, so I shouldn’t have to pay my property taxes on it.’ They investigated it, they talked to the contractors, they looked at his emails and they said tax fraud, mail fraud and perjury. He stole $330,000 from you guys.

When he takes $330,000 that he doesn’t pay, you’ve got to pay more because the schools have to get funded, human services got to get funded. He didn’t want to pay his fair share, he makes you pay it. You have to pay more. And you know what? He inherited billions, he’s a billionaire. My grandparents lived in a double-wide trailer. I didn’t inherit any money. He inherited billions. Inheritance is fine, that’s not a bad thing. But you know what? To do that but cheat on his taxes and make you pay more for your taxes because he doesn’t want to pay his. That shows the lack of integrity and character. He’s not worthy of office. We can’t let this go on.”