Governor Rauner Joined by Illinois House Candidates to Sign The People’s Pledge in Belleville

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Today, Governor Rauner joined Illinois House candidates Mike Babcock, Jason Madlock, Doug Jameson, and Dwight Kay to sign The People’s Pledge, a commitment to put term limits on state elected officials and to vote for anyone other than Mike Madigan for House Speaker. The event followed Governor Rauner’s announcement that he’ll be supporting the House Republican Organization with another $4 million.

At the event today, Governor Rauner said this about The People’s Pledge:

“I’ve been an advocate for term limits my entire life. We together collected over 600,000 signatures to get them on the ballot five years ago, you guys remember this. But Mike Madigan sued us with his lawyer, and he got the state judges who are elected by Madigan, to say ‘no, you can’t do it that way. The only way to get term limits done is if the General Assembly votes to put them on the ballot.’ That’s what the judges ruled and that’s why The People’s Pledge is so important. We need the legislators to promise to put term limits on the ballot.

“And this guy Pritzker, who is running against me, he funds Madigan, he funds the lawyer who sued us to block term limits. Pritzker is part of the problem, he’s protecting the Chicago Machine. We’ve got to beat him, and the way to beat him is get The People’s Pledge signed.”