Governor Rauner To Focus on Fiscal Responsibility and Rooting Out Corruption for Upcoming Legislative Session

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Yesterday, Governor Bruce Rauner held a press conference with Lt. Gov. Evelyn Sanguinetti and Senate Republican Leader Bill Brady to outline Republican legislative priorities for the upcoming session that will focus on fiscal responsibility and getting term limits on the ballot to help root out corruption.

ABC7“The governor is calling his agenda non-partisan and his top priority: ‘A truly balanced budget, for a full year, not a partial year, a full year balanced budget, with no new taxes, that lives within our means,’ Rauner said. ‘You can leverage an election year to get things done or you can concede that because it’s an election year you’re not going to get things done. The Governor’s attitude is that let’s use this election year to get things done because the people of Illinois cannot wait,’ said Brady.” 

The State Journal Register: “At his Chicago news conference, Rauner laid out his agenda for the remainder of the spring session. He again called on lawmakers to approve a pension reform bill that he said will allow the state to begin rolling back the income tax increase. He also said he wants ‘mandate relief’ that will allow local governments to reduce their property taxes. That includes consolidating local governments, restricting prevailing wage laws and curtailing school mandates. Rauner said he wants an infrastructure improvement plan approved and wants lawmakers to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot this year to put term limits on elected officials.”

The Southern Illinoisan: “Gov. Bruce Rauner says he has called a meeting for Thursday with legislative leaders to discuss the final weeks of the spring session. The Republican told reporters in Chicago Tuesday that his top priority is a balanced budget for the year that begins July 1. Rauner says he will also push for property tax reductions, seek to revamp an incentive program for economic growth, await a task force recommendation on reducing gun violence, pursue stronger sexual-harassment penalties and continue his years long push for officeholder term limits.”