Governor Rauner Discusses His Public Safety Proposal on WJPF

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This morning, Governor Rauner joined Tom Miller on WJPF to discuss his public safety proposal that is awaiting votes in the General Assembly. He highlighted the heroism of school resource officer Mark Dallas, and promoted his plan that will help keep Illinoisans safe.

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Tom Miller: Before I get to the questions though we need to know yesterday what happened in Dixon Illinois?

Governor Rauner: Well we had a heroic action by a Dixon police officer who’s been working in the school as a resource officer, as a security safety officer. There was a shooter who got into the school. He got off a couple of rounds. Fortunately,  he didn’t hit any students, any teachers, but th police officer shot him, took him down, and stopped them right in his tracks. That is heroic. That is exactly what should be happening to defend our students teachers and protect them across America. I called the officer, his name is Mark Dallas. As soon as I heard it I called him to leave him a message and congratulate him and say thank you. God bless him on behalf of all the people of Illinois. Thank you for protecting our teachers and our students and our schools. That’s exactly what should be happening. And that’s the reason that I when I propose my public safety package earlier this week I included in there the ability for schools to access local sales tax revenue to fund resource officers, security officers for the schools so we can protect our schools from these from these violent criminals.

Tom Miller: It’s interesting because Governor I couldn’t help but see yesterday’s Dixon event without using the filter of the proposal in Springfield to remove police officers and replace them with counselors.

Governor Rauner: Yes that’s exactly wrong. It’s fine for schools to have counselors as well, being proactive to deal with mental illness health issues that’s good and appropriate. And I think that was also included in my public safety proposal. I said let’s free up local sales tax revenues so schools have that choice, if they choose to, to have a resource officer, a security trained police officer or person as well if they also want mental health professionals that would be great. I supported that as well.

Tom Miller: You know when you propose in this public safety amendatory veto the return of the death penalty of course a moratorium placed in 1999 by then Governor George Ryan this death penalty proposal I think caught a lot of people by surprise.

Governor Rauner: Well it’s the right thing to do. I have always, my entire life, believed that there are certain crimes that are so atrocious so vicious, premeditated horrible crimes that the person who commits the crime deserves to give up their life. I have always believed that. And in my public safety proposal, of the six proposals, one of them was to bring back the death penalty for criminals who kill a police officer or criminals who commit a mass murder and kill multiple people. And those are so vicious horrible crimes that I believe anyone is convicted of those crimes beyond any doubt should give up their life. I believe that’s the right thing to do. It’s justice. Justice should be served.