FOX Illinois: “Lieutenant Governor hopes to break cycle of opioid addiction.”

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Lieutenant Governor Sanguinetti met with students at the University of Illinois School of Social Work to discuss the state’s ongoing efforts to battle opioid addiction.

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“’This threat is incredibly real here in Illinois,’ said Illinois Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti. ‘It knows no neighborhood. It knows no color. It knows no class. It is an equal opportunity aggressor.’

Last September, Illinois created an opioid task force and action plan. Since then the group has expanded the availability of Naloxone to the public. They also created a 24/7 helpline and physicians are now required to monitor prescriptions to prevent “doctor shopping.”

2,000 Illinois residents died from an opioid overdose in 2016, according to the Department of Public Health. They predict that number will increase to 2,700 by 2020. The state’s task force hopes to reduce that amount by 30 percent.”