Daily Herald and Chicago Tribune Highlight What’s at Stake in 2018

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The Daily Herald and Chicago Tribune editorial boards recently published two pieces that show the immense challenges Illinois families will face in 2018 and beyond if Mike Madigan has his way in the midterm elections. The Daily Herald points out the Democrats’ incessant cry to raise taxes on Illinois families, while the Chicago Tribune addresses the inherent unfairness of politicians drawing their own districts.

This is why we need Governor Bruce Rauner to continue the fight in Springfield. He is fighting to lower taxes on Illinois families, create jobs, and institute ethical, accountable government by restoring competitive elections and enacting term limits on all elected officials.

Check out highlights from the Daily Herald and Chicago Tribune below.

Daily Herald: In Governor Race, Democrats Obsess Over Raising Taxes

…To the Democratic candidates (other than Marshall), the primary answer seems to be a graduated income tax that presumably would ask the rich to provide enough revenue to pay all the state’s debts.

In promoting it, they recognize for the most part that it will take an amendment of the state constitution to make it happen and they don’t shy away from advocating for it.

The constitution, by the way, doesn’t just limit what Springfield can do to get around the state’s flat income tax. It also limits what Springfield can do to rein in public pensions. But candidates who see no problem changing the constitution to allow for higher taxes don’t suggest changing it to help deal with pension reform.

It would be reassuring if the candidates would bring better balance to the conversations about the state budget. Because one of these candidates may become governor.

And if that happens, we’d like to know that he has the discipline and wisdom to address Illinois’ expense problems, not just raise taxes.

Chicago Tribune: Yes You: Lawmakers, Put the Remap Amendment on the Ballot

…Gerrymandering is bad for democracy, but it’s good for Madigan. By controlling the mapmaking process, he can make sure his friends get re-elected and his enemies don’t. The state’s legislative districts are so lopsided that most races field only one candidate. Voters have no choices. Their representatives don’t answer to them — they answer to Madigan. He draws their districts. He finances their campaigns.

…Lawmakers could save us all the work and put that amendment, as written, on the November ballot. They haven’t done it. Keep that in mind, in the March 20 primary and beyond. Ask all the candidates if they’ll commit to putting redistricting reform to a vote. Ask every incumbent why they haven’t. Vote accordingly.

You’d think that hundreds of thousands of signatures, and poll after poll after poll, would be enough to get lawmakers to act. Especially since it’s obvious that the deck is stacked against voters. Despite overwhelming, longstanding support, the remap effort is 0 for 3. It can’t pass because it can’t get on the ballot.

Round 4 is coming up. Pay attention, voters: The stakes are higher this time. The new maps will be based on population counts measured in the 2020 U.S. Census.

Do you want Mike Madigan to draw those maps?