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Illinois is worth fighting for

Our state has been held back for decades by the same politicians that have only made government work for themselves, not for the people. We're working to enact reforms that benefit all Illinoisans, and take power back from the career politicians.

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The people of our state deserve a government that works for them instead of the politically connected few. With bipartisan reforms, we’ll grow jobs, deliver value for taxpayers, give every child access to world-class schools and enact term limits to get rid of the career politicians. We’ll make Illinois a state where families and businesses thrive once again. Let’s get to work – because Illinois is worth fighting for.

Standing Up for Taxpayers

Illinois taxpayers have been burdened for too long by career politicians' unending need for more of your money. Mike Madigan's recent permanent 32% income tax hike hurts families and businesses. We are standing up for real spending and tax reform that will revitalize the state's economy.

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For decades, special interests and political insiders controlled Illinois and left taxpayers with the bill.  I want to make sure that taxpayers come first and that state government delivers value for your hard-earned tax dollars. That’s why I was proud to veto Mike Madigan’s permanent 32% income tax hike. And it’s why I’m fighting for lasting property tax relief, by truly freezing property taxes and giving local communities more flexibility to control their costs and lower taxes. We’ve also cut hundreds of millions in state operating costs, delivering significant savings for taxpayers with innovative government contracts.


Criminal Justice Reform

Fixing a broken system takes time and a consistent effort - that is why my administration has been dedicated to creating lasting reform to address the systemic issues facing law enforcement.

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For too long an ineffective and counterproductive criminal justice system plagued our state – tearing families apart and hurting communities of color. That’s why I worked to bring Republicans, Democrats, and law enforcement together to begin to fix it.

Unlike past Governors, my priority is on rehabilitation, not dangerous early release programs. In just the past two years, I’ve signed over two-dozen bipartisan criminal justice reform bills. We’re increasing access to job training and opportunities, giving offenders the tools to lead productive lives after they’ve served their time. We’re making the criminal justice system fairer, because everyone, no matter their background, deserves to be treated equally before the law.

21st Century Jobs

Entrenched politicians have put a stranglehold on jobs in Illinois. I am working to energize our state's economy, bringing in businesses and growing those that are already here.

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Illinois’ central location, fertile fields and world-class communities combined with the best, hardest-working people in America mean Illinois should be thriving. We have everything going for us except for decades of bad politics and bad policy. I am working hard to make Illinois more competitive and to help create more good-paying jobs. That means working to lower the cost of doing business by reforming Illinois’ high-cost workers compensation system, reining in out-of-control lawsuit abuse and freezing property taxes. It also means modernizing Illinois’ economic development efforts so they move at the speed of business.

Even though the career politicians and special interests are trying to block these reforms, we’ve worked to bring thousands of new, good paying jobs to Illinois.

We brought nearly 8,000 Amazon jobs to Joliet, Monee and Romeoville. We brought Rivian Automotive to Normal, where 1,500 jobs will be created. We brought Flex-N-Gate and hundreds of quality jobs to Chicago’s South Side. And with the Future Energy Jobs Act we saved thousands of jobs across Illinois and will create thousands of more energy jobs of the future throughout the state.

Cleaning Up Government

Illinois' career politicians have forgotten the reason they were sent to Springfield: to represent the people of our state. We must enact real reforms to restore power to the people of Illinois.

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Illinois’ political system is broken, and it’s going to take real reforms to fix it. Our state is controlled by a political machine and special interests who will do anything to protect the status quo. I’m working to clean up Springfield by firing illegal patronage hires and implementing ethics reforms to stop the revolving door between lobbyists and government. To continue the progress, I’m fighting for term limits and fair maps. Illinois voters deserve to choose their elected officials, not the other way around. We need term limits and fair maps to make elections more competitive and ensure politicians can be held accountable by us.

Improving Education

Reforming the Education Funding Formula and Increasing School Standards.

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We’ve fully-funded education for the first time in years, increasing K-12 education funding by nearly $1 billion, and we brought early childhood education funding to historical levels. And this year, we signed a historic education reform law that provides tax credits for scholarship programs, provides more funding for school districts most in need and removes onerous state mandates to give local communities more control.

The time is now.

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