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Evelyn Sanguinetti proudly serves as the 47th Lieutenant Governor of Illinois and the first Latina Lieutenant Governor in our Nation’s history. Raised in Hialeah, Florida by an Ecuadorian immigrant father and a 15-year-old Cuban refugee mother, Evelyn went from growing up on public aid programs to becoming a successful lawyer and Lieutenant Governor.

It was education that propelled Evelyn from her humble beginnings. Evelyn was able to attend a magnet high school of the arts in Miami that opened doors for her future.  She continued on to Florida International University before finishing her education at the John Marshall Law School in Chicago, where she met her husband, Ray Sanguinetti.

After many years as a practicing attorney, adjunct professor of law, and mother of three, Evelyn first entered politics with her successful run for Wheaton City Council. She served more than three and a half years there before being selected as Bruce Rauner’s running mate.

Since their election in 2014, Evelyn has embraced the office of the Lieutenant Governor’s statutory duties; Chair of the Rural Affairs Council, Chair of the three River Coordinating Councils, and Chair of the Military Economic Development Committee.  Amongst her other duties, she has also led the way in combatting the opioid crisis in Illinois as co-chair of the Opioid Overdose Prevention and Intervention Task Force. She advocates for more efficient and effective government by leading the governor’s Local Government Consolidation and Unfunded Mandates Task Force. She also served on the governor’s commission to fix the school funding formula, which resulted in a more equitable formula that allows students from underserved communities to use education to unlock opportunities just as she did.

Evelyn looks forward to serving four more years as Lieutenant Governor and working for the residents of Illinois. She has visited all 102 counties, listening to the voices of the people in all areas of the state. She approaches her role as Lieutenant Governor with the same values and passion instilled in her by her immigrant and refugee parents. She will continue the fight to give more children the opportunity to overcome their circumstances, just as she did.